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Such a good app, I really recommend it. It helps a lot especially with my Arabic friends, thumbs up for sure!


I met the woman of my dreams and we can finally communicate easiliy. This app is simply amazing!

My Brazilian Queen

Superb and very well thought out app. It helps me communicate with my clients in Portugal and India more easily!


This app helps me comunĂ­cate with other friends across the world and to learn a few new words every day. I love it!


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Works in any app

TransKey works in any application, such as WhatsApp, Zoom, and iMessage.

Trusted by 300,000 users daily.

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Unlimited translations
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More language pairs

Translate incoming and outgoing messages.

Messages in a foreign language translated with TransKey.

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Never leave your app to translate.

Experience continuity like never before. It's almost as if you're both speaking the same langauge.

Screenshot of TransKey translating outgoing messages in iMessage.
Screenshot of TransKey translating outgoing messages in WhatsApp.

Powerful neural-net translation.

At the forefront of advanced Machine Learning technology. The 2nd best thing to a human translator.

Highlight to translate anything.

Emails, recipes, documents, and more. Don't stop at messages, anything you can highlight you can translate.

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